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Emarsys acquires predictive recommendations specialist Scarab Research

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Maximize conversion and customer satisfaction
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The seriously scientific
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Scarab maps real-life shopping behaviors to achieve amazing accuracy
in recommending the products your customers really want.

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Recent conversions from Scarab recommendations*

* a random sampling of successful conversions generated by Scarab over the past week.

Pushing the Bottom Line

Scarab personalized recommendations have been shown to significantly increase average cart volume of returning customers. All our customers have seen Scarab widgets contributing to 5-10% of total sales.

Better User Experience

Intelligent product recommendations help your customers make the most of their shopping by guiding them to the products they need. Recommender widgets perform great as navigational tools (reflected in CTR rates), while increased conversion rates also hint at increased customer satisfaction.

Saving Time and Expense

Our research has shown that behavioral models perform up to 100% better than edited product recommendations. Scarab will save you the time and effort spent on manually administrating cross-sell and up-sell relations while delivering better conversion rates.

Serious Science

Scarab’s strength lies in its ability to capture the subtle, deeper relationships in a complex, multi- layered dataset, resulting in a highly accurate modeling of personal tastes and preferences. Our continued research activities provide a constant feed of new science that’s tested and built right into the core product to ensure an evolving platform.

Low entry costs

Scarab Cloud is available as a monthly subscription webservice, requiring no hardware or software investments. Pricing plans are customized to ensure that your subscription always makes a good deal.

Same day integration

Our JavaScript API ensures easy integration, the entire procedure taking only a few hours of your webmaster’s time (complex customization solutions may add extra hours). Upgrades are deployed seamlessly.
Their algorithm is impressive. I was looking for a peripheral cable the other day for my notebook – we have 1000s of these and I couldn’t find the right one. So I went to our webshop and looked up my laptop – the cable was right there, in Scarab’s “Related Products” box. Richard Scholtz, CEO, PCland
They not only sell their recommender, but actually follow-up on clients and evaluate their performance. They offer advice on how to improve the shop. It is exemplary customer service. Our results show we have made the right decision with Scarab. Ervin Albert, CEO, Flavin7
We learned a great deal from Scarab’s team in the year we have worked with them. Their attitude towards IT and their knowledge of e-commerce is simply brilliant. For us, it looks to be an all around profitable cooperation. Ferenc Reischig, CEO, Könyvkapu