Scarab introduces shredder service for big data


Leading personalization and analytics company Scarab Research Inc unveiled today a whole new class of big data solutions, called the Scarab Shredder Service (S3). The Shredder Service enables companies to securely erase data at an unprecedented scale, on-demand, and in the cloud.

Disposal of big data is an acute problem for large online organizations, requiring an ever growing retinue of staff and storage, problems that are made more complex by strict safe disposal and recycling regulations especially in the context of classified information as evidenced by Wikileaks.

The Scarab Shredder Service allows companies to easily get rid of all unwanted traffic logs, user profiles and histories, taking any structured or semi-structured information and converting it into perfectly unstructured data using a high-performance, fault tolerant cloud service. Scarab guarantees that data sent over to S3 is deleted safely, using the latest cryptographic techniques based on Bruce Schneier’s wiping algorithm. There is no way the data can ever be restored once it arrives in Scarab’s virtualized shredder.

“No more mucking about with slow SQL deletes, or the ambiguous rm command. With our convenient REST API businesses now have access to total and irrecoverable deletion of any and all data, regardless of size or format.” – said CEO Viktor Szathmáry.

As a first consumer application of the technology the makers of Angry Birds, Rovio, announced a new iPhone application, named simply Waste. Waste is the best way to access S3 from iPhones and iPads. Any text entered into Waste is immediately sent to the S3 cloud for effortless elimination. “We are excited to introduce a mobile app surpassing Angry Birds as the purest form of wasting users’ time.” – said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. Waste is available for 99 cents in the App Store.

As a company dedicated to the concept of sustainable development, Scarab Research will also be offering the Remote Recycling and Randomization API (R3), which complements S3 by providing means to recycle and reuse the bits of data destroyed. The breakthrough Randomization API creates pure white noise from the 1s and 0s disassembled by the Shredder. Scarab Premium users can even configure the API to supply a filtered output, returning a perfect series of either 1s or 0s.

Scarab is accepting registrations for the service at

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