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We’ve been looking for a way to automate our product recommendations for a long time. Scarab is impressively good at discovering product relations and at being easy for the website owner.” Péter Mihály, CEO, Notebookspecialista

Their algorithm is impressive. I was looking for a peripheral cable the other day for my notebook – we have 1000s of these and I couldn’t find the right one. So I went to our webshop and looked up my laptop – the cable was right there, in Scarab’s “Related Products” box. Richard Scholtz, CEO, PCland

They not only sell their recommender, but actually follow-up on clients and evaluate their performance. They offer advice on how to improve the shop. It is exemplary customer service. Our results show we have made the right decision with Scarab. Ervin Albert, CEO, Flavin7

It was clear to us that a good recommender system has a significant revenue-generating potential. That is why we abandoned our in-house system for Scarab. It was a decision we do not regret. István Mogyorósi,

Thanks to the Scarab Recommender managing product recommendations and cross-sell offers has become an easy job, with the added value of bringing personalization to our offers. Tamás Végh, CEO, Játékbolt

We learned a great deal from Scarab’s team in the year we have worked with them. Their attitude towards IT and their knowledge of e-commerce is simply brilliant. For us, it looks to be an all around profitable cooperation. Ferenc Reischig, CEO, Könyvkapu

Scarab really is good. There are noticeable effects in average cart volumes, and our users often click the recommended products – clicks that frequently make a sale. Marcell Tátrai, CEO, Én és a barátaim

Scarab’s solution helps customers find the products they like most, and the revenue increase it generates is not to be underestimated. Barna Hutvágner,

Scarab is a success that shows up in our metrics. We have experimented with developing our own recommender, but it stirred next to no interest in our customers. Scarab recommends products that are actually relevant to our users – it is our best salesman on the floor.Balázs Szilágyi, CEO, Gyerekjátékok

Scarab is good. It’s measurably good! The more conversions it generates, the more we like it.” Tamás Kurucz, CEO, Chipland

If you don’t have it yet – get it! If you have it already – use it more! We started with related product recommendations, then onsite personalized offers, and we are now experimenting with personalized emails and newsletters. Ákos Bognár, CEO, JátékNet

Scarab is a very useful and exciting accessory to our webshop – two qualities that the system was very quick to demonstrate Attila Ádám, CEO,